Exclusive St. Sophia By Night
Exclusive St. Sophia By NightThis exclusive tour will give you the privilege of an “after hours” visit to the most important heritage of Byzantium and Christianity in Istanbul in a very silent and fascinating atmosphere. You will be the only group visiting the St. Sophia after the official hours as they open their gates exclusively for you.
Your first stop is St. Sophia Museum which is located just across from the Blue Mosque and originated in 326 under Constantine the Great. It became Hagia Sophia and was rebuilt on a larger scale during the reign of Emperor Justinian. His intention was that the new building should surpass in splendor all others in antiquity. It is said that 10,000 workers were employed in its construction and marble columns were brought in from temples in minor Asia, Lebanon, Greece and Italy.
In 1934, St. Sophia was converted into a museum and is now the most important Byzantine Monument in Istanbul, famous for its immense dome and beautiful frescoes and mosaics. Be impressed during your exclusive visit and enjoy the grandeur of this glamorous work of art. Your exclusive evening will continue with a visit to the Old Byzantine Cistern, which dates back to the 6th century, converted into an art center/exclusive artcrafts shop today. You will enjoy your cocktails in the authentic ambiance of the cistern. You will also have the opportunity to visit and shop through the modern floors of the building which offers some of the best artwork, with examples of antiquities, ceramics, jewellery and antique rugs.
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