Pyramids and MuseumBoard your Vehicle for the approximate 2.5-hour drive to Africa’s largest city, Cairo. Upon arrival, visit the Giza Plateau, where the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, The Pyramids of Giza still stand. A stop at the Western Plateau affords photo opportunities of the famous three pyramids and the sprawling city of Cairo in the background. Continue to the base of Chephren’s Pyramid for some free time to explore the ancient site on your own. Reboard the Vehicle for the drive down the valley to marvel at the mighty Sphinx with its mysterious expression as it stands guard over the vast pyramid complex. Afterwards, drive to Tahrir (Liberty Square), the heart of downtown Cairo to discover the National Archeological Museum. The museum is the repository of the world’s largest and richest collection of Egyptian Antiquities including the priceless artifacts of the boy King Tut Ankh Amun. The final stop on your comprehensive tour will be at the Papyrus Institute to see demonstrations on how the ancient Egyptians made paper from reeds from the Nile. Spend some free time for souvenir shopping in the adjacent gift shop before the return drive to Alexandria.

Note: At the museum there are 30 to 40 marble stairs leading from the ground floor upstairs where the Tutankhamun collection is housed. At the pyramids and Sphinx ground is uneven, cobblestone and sandy. Comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen are recommended. Conservative attire is recommended when going ashore on this tour. Short pants and tank tops are not acceptable. No cameras or videos allowed inside the archaeological museum. Cameras and videos are free at the pyramids. The drive to/from Cairo is approximately 2.5 hours each way, dependent upon traffic and local conditions.Tour order may vary between groups but all mentioned sites will be covered.

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