A la TurkaThis tour is to introduce you the secrets of Bodrum. You will start your day with Etrim Village amongst the mountains, a rare example of nomadic life still surviving today. The first settlement in the village was 500 years ago in Ottoman era. The main occupation is based on animal breeding, farming and carpet weaving which has passed from mothers to daughters. During the time in Etrim, you will see the village mosque and tea house, visit the homes of the villagers, learn about the lifestyle, watch a carpet weaving step by step, make a double knot on your own! You are welcome to taste the traditional offerings of the householder, see the village women cooking the village pancake. See some examples of the unfinished and finished carpets and share the dreams of the producers.
Continue to exploring the local flee market which is the shoppers paradise amongst locals for daily needs. See the fresh fruits of the day and the local sellers in the vibrant market. Following the flea market, prepare yourself for a treat, the Turkish Bath. The history of the Turkish Bath begins with Cleopatra. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, complained of long-lasting headaches. The doctors of that time couldn’t find a remedy for the treatment of the illness. One day a young man came with a solution, which was hard to believe and we now call this the Turkish Bath; a soap-massage on a hamam. It is said that it can cure body pains, long lasting headaches, and relieve excess body-weight. Taking a Turkish Bath is like looking through a window into another world. The most amazing aspect of the Turkish Bath is having someone wash you! It is an experience that never ceases to give you enjoyment, not just because a Turkish Bath leaves you feeling “squeaky” clean, but because it is also something so different to back home. Once you go inside, you will be shown to some cubicles where you undress down to your swimsuit and wrap yourself in the towel provided (called ‘pestemal’). A Turkish Bath will leave you feeling fresh and young like a new-born person…

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