Ancient Perge, Aspendos & SideThis tour introduces you to the most important archeological highlights of southern Turkey, all located near Antalya. This tour introduces you to the most important archeological highlights of southern Turkey, all located near Antalya. Start with a visit to the world-famous ancient Greco-Roman theater of Aspendos, the best preserved theater of antiquity, with a seating capacity for 15,000 which has been in use until recently. The theater’s galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all testify to the architect’s success. Perge, which once was one of the most important and beautiful ancient cities along the coast will be the second stop. It was originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 B.C. The apostle St. Paul preached here during his missionary journey and Perge is also known for being the birthplace of the famous mathematician Apollonius, pupil or Archimedes and author of a famous treatise on geometry. Here you can see the ruins of the antique theater from outside, a U-shaped stadium with capacity for an audience of 12,000 and remains of the first church built in Perge. After visiting these two important archeological sites, you’ll have a chance to taste specialties of Turkish cuisine in a five-star hotel and get a little rest before continuing your tour. In the afternoon, continue with the exploration of Side, ancient Pamphylia’s largest port, situated on a small peninsula. In order to protect itself from threats coming by land or sea, Side was surrounded on all four sides by high walls. The large main gate was built during the Hellenistic Period and the city provides one of the best examples of the era and has all the charm of the Roman and Hellenistic ages. You’ll also have a shopping opportunity at a local shop before returning to the pier. Note: Expect crowded venues and long lines. This tour is not recommended for guests who have difficulty walking, climbing and/or managing steps. There are a total of 65 steps to negotiate and uneven, slippery and cobblestone terrain over approximately 1 1/2 miles of walking. We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes. Water, tea & coffee are included during lunch; however, soft drinks and/or alcoholic beverages are available at an additional cost. Tour may be operated in reverse order.

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