Desert Experience with Jeep SafariSinai’s desert excursion begins with a visit to Wadi (valley) Mandar. Along the way you will be viewing unusual towering rock formations and with little luck, wild camels roaming free. You will also see sheep and goats grazing on sparse desert vegetation trying to survive in an arid and harsh environment and the occasional acacia tree, its roots embedded deep in the sand in search of moisture.
The 4X4 wheel drive jeeps will perform several stops allowing you time for unique photo opportunities. A modern Bedouin village will also be visited. Later, in the middle of this desolate expanse of land, camels and Bedouins will be waiting for you for an unforgettable caravan experience in the Sinai desert. The caravan will follow a rocky trail to reach a Bedouin Tent where the very hospitable by nature Bedouins will offer you their aromatic tea and unleavened bread.
After tea and a short rest, you will take the way back to Sharm El Sheikh passing by the beautiful Egyptian Riviera Resort of Naama Bay to the waiting ship.

Note: Guests must be able to walk approximately 200 yards over gravel and sandy terrain. This tour is not suitable for elderly and physically assisted persons. Comfortable walking shoes, sun hat and sun block recommended. Bottled water highly recommended.
Tea at Bedouin camp will be prepared from bottled water and will be served in disposable plastic glasses. Rest room facilities are oriental style. Camel riders expect a fee at the end of their trip. Should not pay until back down on the ground.

Recommended tipping- not exceed US$3. Lean forward when animal goes up and lean back when animal kneels down. Listen to driver’s instructions for a safe ride. Sequence of tour may change to avoid overcrowding at venues.
Guests should consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate. Guests with pre-existing neck, back, knee and/or shoulder injuries, cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition should take particular caution when selecting a tour. Guests who have concerns should consult with their personal physician before engaging in any activity that may be strenuous for them.

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