DHOW CRUISE TO FJORDSDiscover the beauty of the fjord-like waters of Musandam – also known as the “Norway of Arabia” – plus pretty fishing villages and Telegraph Island on this relaxing cruise aboard an engine-powered dhow, a traditional Arabian vessel made of wood. As the dhow makes its way through these beautifully calm, turquoise waters surrounded by pure white cliffs, you can take a refreshing dip when the boast anchors in the vicinity of Telegraph Island. And if you are lucky, a friendly dolphin may even stop by to keep you company. And if not, there are always the breathtaking views of mountains rising in the distance to keep you entertained.

Please note: The order in which sights are visited may vary. Due to the marked differences between outside temperatures and those found in the places visited as well as the air-conditioned tour vehicles, it is recommended that you take a light cotton jumper or cardigan for your comfort.

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