EL ALAMIN FROM ALEXANDRIA PORTHistory and geography conspire to allow the town to live up to its name. It was there in November 1942 when the Allied forces under the command of British General Montgomery put a halt to the advance of Nazi Afrika Corps who considered El Alamein the key to the control of the African continent. The Allied victory in the battle of El Alamein marked the beginning of the end for the Axis Powers in North Africa, crushing the mystique surrounding the “Desert Fox,” German Field Marshal Rommel. The Battle of El Alamein was one of the most violent as well as most important confrontations during the Second World War.

Travel along the Egyptian coastline stretching along the shores of the Mediterranean to El Alamein. Explore the Military Museum containing displays of weapons, military garb and tanks. Descriptions of the battle strategies of Montgomery, Rommel and the others participating in the battle are also on display. Continue with a visit to the burial site. A short drive west of town, perched on a small peninsula overlooking the sea, the citadel-like Cemeteries is the final resting place for Commonwealth, Greek, Italian and German soldiers. The neat rows of tombstones provide a poignant scene set against the seemingly interminable desert. Within a shaded alcove, the inscribed plaque explains the significance of the battle as well as the diverse origins of the victims interred here. After your visit, reboard the Minivan for the approximate 1.25-hour drive to Alex , then visit to a Papyrus Institute where the procedure of manufacturing the oldest paper in the world, an art discovered by the Ancient Egyptians, will be demonstrated for you.

Note: Comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen are recommended. Conservative attire is recommended when going ashore on this tour. Short pants and tank tops are not acceptable. Due to the nature of this tour, it is not recommended for guests with walkers or wheelchairs. The drive to/from Alexandria is approximately 1 hour each way, dependent upon traffic and local conditions. There is a camera fee for the military museum of 5 Egyptian pounds (approximately US $1.00) and 30 Egyptian pounds for video.

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