Ephesus and SirinceThis tour gives you chance to know the Ancient City of Ephesus with its all glories and to enjoy rural life in the rest of your day.
Once you enter the Open Air Archeological Museum of Ephesus and pass by the Magnesia Gate, you will enter the administrative section of ancient Ephesus. The guided walking tour will take you through one of the most magnificent excavations in the world. See the Odeon, the Fountain of Trajan, the steam baths of Scholastika, Temple of Hadrian and the impressive library of Celsius. The Grand Theater, where St. Paul preached, is one of the largest theaters in antiquity with a capacity of 24,000 seats.
After the termination of the visit to Ephesus, your bus will take you to Sirince. Sirince (pronounced as she-RIN-jay), a wonderful little Aegean village of 600 inhabitants. It is located on the hills at about 1000 feet above sea level. Most of the houses in the village date from the 19th century or earlier and they were built at a time when Sirince was predominantly a Greek village. The village lies in a lovely bowl of hills surrounded by peach orchards, vineyards and olive groves. The higher hills are covered with pine forest. Nearly all houses command a pastoral panorama extending over many miles, undisturbed by any modern development. Farming remains the principal activity. Villagers make wine and olive oil. Some of the best quality peaches and apricots from throughout the Mediterranean are grown there. The people of this hilly village are proud of their rich history and heritage. The name of the village, Sirince, comes from the word Cirkince which means ‘ugly’ in Turkish. The village used to sit, deserted on the top of a mountain with very limited access and very dry weather. Today, Sirince is a famous location due to its wonderful vineyards and rich wine. The smell of the fruits, when in season, and the taste of the wine are all there for you to enjoy. You will also visit the Orthodox Church of Sirince.
After exploring the village of Sirince with lunch at a restaurant in the village with tasting the homemade fruit wines opportunity, your tour will take you to one of the carpet weaving villages close to Ephesus where you will be given brief information about this dying work of art with shopping opportunity. On your return to Kusadasi, you will have free time to browse and explore this lovely town.
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