Half day tour – The Best of WestDrive across the Qara mountains where you can see the real beauty of Dhofar mountains. At Job’s tomb, where the remains of the Islamic prophet possibly identified as Job of the Old Testament can be found. From here you can see an unique panoramic view of the Al Garbib Plain. The tour continues towards Mughsayl – pass by Frankincense trees – Stop and smell the aroma of the holy incense and reach the magnificent sandy beach outlined by sculptured cliffs and Blow holes, where plumes of water can reach a height of 30m or more. The view up the coast where the mountains drop in to the sea is magnificent. Visit Mughsayl and Salalah Bird sanctuaries. Drive on the new road towards Yemen before returning to the hotel.

Rate Chart Per Saloon Car Per 4WD Per Coaster Per Coach
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03  PAX Maximum



04 PAX 



20 Pax 



45  Pax Maximum

USD 180 USD 280 USD 550 USD 1150

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