Over day to RosettaRosetta is the famous site where the Rosetta Stone was found by French soldiers in 1799. Rosetta lies 65 km Northeast of Alexandria. This town had been an extremely important military site since early times. The town has witnessed many important events in ancient as well as modern times.
Rosetta is considered a large open museum for Islamic architecture.
We will start our tour with sightseeing of some of the major sites of this village. Rosetta has many houses that were built in the Ottoman style. We will visit the House of Zebeda (who was a famous French crusade leader) to see its unique architecture.
We will move on to see the famous Fort of Rosetta It was in the relics of the Rosetta Citadel that an officer of the French forces found the Rosetta Stone which, when its inscriptions were deciphered, presented a key to ancient Egyptian writing.

Note: Comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen are recommended. Conservative attire (no tank tops or shorts) is suggested for this tour.Due to the nature of this tour, it is not recommended for guests with walkers or wheelchairs.. Tour order may vary between groups but all mentioned sites will be covered.

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