is your opportunity to view the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea, without getting wet.
This tour presents a unique opportunity to take an unforgettable journey on the Red Sea. Upon arrival at the submarine platform, you will be given a commentary on what you can expect to see during the dive. The air-conditioned submarine then descends to a depth of around 75 feet, where various kinds of coral have formed beautiful reefs. During the 50-minute submarine ride, enjoy the beauty of the deep and take some unique underwater photographs.

Notes : The submarine is located at the Sindbad Resort Hotel, approximately 1 hour’s drive through desert scenery from Safaga. At the Hotel, you will board a launch for a 20-minute ride to the submarine platform. There are three steps from the platform to the submarine surface. Passengers must climb backwards down a short flight of 13 stairs to get inside the submarine. This tour is not suitable for passengers who suffer from claustrophobia or have breathing difficulties. Non-slip shoes are recommended.

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