SAFARI DRIVE TO JEBEL HARIMThis tour will take you through some of Oman’s most stunning landscapes – and all from the exhilarating comfort of a modern four-wheel drive vehicle. Get ready for a breathtaking trip to Jebel Harim, which literally translates as the “Mountain of Women”. At a height of 2,097 m, it is the tallest peak on the Musandam Peninsula. The trip to Jebel Harim will take you past incredible vistas, including terraced mountain villages, lush acacia forests and seasonal watercourses, the so-called wadis, which are typical of the region. After about an hour’s drive, a stop will be made at the Bedouin village of Sayah, which is located at an elevation of 914 m and surrounded by palm groves. It counts as one of the most picturesque villages on the Musandam Peninsula. After a stop to enjoy the idyllic setting and take photographs, the tour continues to Jebel Harim. There will be time to admire the grand panorama from the mountain’s summit. On return from Jebel Harim, drive towards Khawr Najid, stop at the crest for a magnificent view of Khawr Najid overlooking to Indian Ocean side.

Please note: Seats are limited. The order in which sights are visited may vary. No guide foreseen. The driver will provide information in English. Due to the marked differences between outside temperatures and those found in the places visited as well as the air-conditioned tour vehicles, it is recommended that you take a light cotton jumper or cardigan for your comfort.

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