Salalah ContrastsAn ideal introduction to Salalah and the surrounding Dhofar region; this tour offers an array of images and experiences.
Your excursion begins with a visit to the Frankincense Souk, where you can buy perfumes, curios and souvenirs. Drive to the ancient ruins of the Palace of the legendary Queen of Sheba (Khor Rouri), believed to have been the hub and harbour for the shipping of frankincense for export to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.

You’ll visit the elegant Taqah Castle, nestled in the heart of a coastal Dhofari town famed for its pottery, silverwork and other artisan industries. It should come as no surprise that Taqah Castle has an artistry of its own and the castle’s numerous shuttered windows are particularly distinctive with latticed wooden screens and keyhole-shaped arches.

Round off your tour with a visit of Ain Razat Springs, a natural underground spring amidst the tranquil lush mountains.

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